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Interview: Tony Mycock, MD of HB Ingredients

February 21 2013

When looking at chocolates, we take in the presentation, the chocolatier’s name and then our thoughts turns quickly to the little shapes, their flavour and the promise of delights to come. At that stage, very few people think about the origin of cocoa and definitely none of us consider the distribution. But how do the ingredients get to the chocolate factory? spoke with Tony Mycock, co-founder with wife Kath […]

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Review: Bluebasil Gourmet Chocolate Brownies

January 17 2013

These award winning handmade chocolate brownies claim to be the perfect gift. Perfect, yes. Gift, certainly not. Once tried there is no way you will be inclined to give them away. It all starts with a simple cardboard box tied up with blue and beige parcel strings, tagged with an old fashioned luggage label. Unwrap the packaging to let out the powerful smell of cocoa, fruits and spices. Open the […]

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Review: Creation range from Lindt

August 20 2012

This September, the Swiss chocolate makers Lindt will launch a new range of bars. Though already available in few selected supermarkets, expect to find Lindt ‘Creation’ nationwide soon. In the UK, we know Lindt for its ‘Excellence’ range, mouthwatering thin bars made of large of 70% cocoa squares. However if you have been holidaying on the continent, you may already have had the pleasure to dive into the world of […]

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Review: Rococo Mixed Chocolate Selection

May 21 2012

The Mixed Chocolate Selection from Rococo is, in my opinion, the collection that best represents the brand itself. The packaging is lush, precious and instantly recognisable. The smell is delicious and the 20 hand-made chocolates almost look too good to eat. Retailing at £25.00, the selection, in a pretty box with a dove design, offers dark, milk and white chocolate filled with intriguing and sensual flavours. Some have cheeky names […]

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Interview with Keith Hurdman, Thorntons’ Master Chocolatier

March 23 2012

Thorntons’ Master Chocolatier, Keith Hurdman was recently presented with the Chocolatier of the Year award, the industry’s most prestigious prize. But he started out on the awards trail young. By 19, he had already won a national prize for bakery. “At that age, it is hard not to believe your own publicity” he says with a broad smile. “I thought I was really good. I had studied bakery, confectionery and […]

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The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth

September 5 2011

What is really happening behind the Milky-bar creamy exterior of The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth? To find out what delicious threats are available to  guests and in order to provide a comprehensive report, I could do no less than loosen my belt a few notches and stay overnight. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is Gerry Wilton’s brilliant idea. Wilton is, first and foremost, an entrepreneur who has been involved in […]

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