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Oialla sachet scaled down

Review: Oialla Chocolate

March 16 2012

The small, neat, square, matte white cardboard box with the stylishly confident Oialla ‘signature’ across the lid evokes the elegant packaging of high-end cosmetics. The words ‘Chocolato Criollo Puro y silvestre’ (Criollo chocolate pure and wild) are the verbal clue as to the box’s actual contents. Inside, the neatly folded information sheet unfolds to offer an attractively illustrated insight into the work that’s gone into creating Oialla. Danish chef Rasmus […]

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Bean to Bar: Interview with Rasmus Bo Bojesen, creator of Oialla

March 13 2012

Vigorous and humorous (and with the firmest handshake I have ever encountered), acclaimed Danish chef and restaurateur Rasmus Bo Bojesen, creator of Oialla chocolate, radiates energy and drive, reminding me irresistibly of an Arctic explorer, the sort of man who would lead his team into danger but get them all back home safe and sound. This analogy, it turns out, is rather appropriate as, on his quest to create pure […]

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