Review: Fortnum & Mason Florentines

Posted on February 24 2012 by Sian Meades

Dare I say this on a chocolate website? Yes. Sometimes, chocolate is too… chocolatey. It’s sometimes too sweet, it’s not always what you fancy and you might like something else to with it (that’s why McVitities invented the Chocolate Hobnob). Not instead of, just with. And that’s where the florentine comes into its own. The florentine is like a fruity, chocolatey, toffee-ey (it’s a word, shush now) treat.

I can make florentines myself, so I know how easy they are to make at home. I’m suspicious of expensive things that you can make yourself. Often I spend on things I can’t make at home (like Hobnobs). I appreciate I’m paying for more expensive ingredients, but in the case of F&M florentines, nuts and dried fruit aren’t exactly expensive ingredients. So I’m not entirely sure that £7.25 for these florentines was worth the money.

They’re excellent, chewy and sweet and just the right size. If you’re feeling peckish one is perfect, if you’re being greedy then two isn’t going to make you feel sick. But they’re pricey and the ingredients and packaging (a boring ol’ plastic tub) just don’t feel luxurious enough to part with my cash again.

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